In spite of the common understanding of our day, the Church in not a building, it is a people, a living organism. The Church is defined firstly as a people called out of darkness (spiritual death) and congregated together in Christ, in the heavenly places before His holy throne. She is a “Spiritual Church”. The Church is a people consisting of all saints, of all ages, in all places. It is a body collected by God through the regeneration of the Spirit by which one is born a child of God. Receiving this “regeneration” by the Spirit, they are enabled to understand the things of God, and in turn are drawn by the knowledge of the immutable, righteous, sovereign God that is revealed in the Word, Jesus Christ, and by it are made to renounce all their worthless, sinful, damning works and to come in faith to Jesus who is the exact image of God the Father.

          Secondly, the Church is commanded to reveal herself in her present age and she does so in the form of “Local Assemblies” or the “Local Church”. The local church has been described as, “A body of confessed believers who have voluntarily joined themselves to worship and glorify God, exalt Jesus Christ, and carry out the ‘Great Commission’ ”. The Church local is described as, “A pillar and buttress of the truth”.

          Our purpose in existing then (as a local church) is to glorify God, make much of His Son, Jesus, share the saving grace of God with those we are in contact with, and protect the Scripture’s doctrines. As His people we circle around His Word, the Bible, and seek to know it more. As we learn its truths, demands, and expectations we seek to have them applied in our lives both individually and corporately by the power of the Holy Spirit. We do not seek to advance mere human or cultural causes, rather, we seek to advance the kingdom of God through the propagation of the gospel, which is the power of God for man’s salvation. Promoting civil rights, equality, politics, etc. while they may be good and helpful in and of themselves they will not save man from themselves. These things do not fix the real and deeper problem, namely the inherent, spiritual, depravity of which every man suffers from his conception. While we certainly encourage, promote and wish for what is just, right, and honest, we do not seek to secure it my mere human means.




          1.  You will need to bring a Bible, note journal, and a writing utensil.  The highlight of our time together is the preaching of the Word. Our sermons are usually expositional which means the sermon comes directly out of connected portions of text rather than a compilation of multiple single texts often known as a topical preaching. Most of the preaching will be through particular books of the Bible or block portions of text. Mapping the sermon content in your notes will give you a way for you to test the content’s accuracy as well as give you contextual commentary on the Scripture. We seek to know the substance of the words recorded so that we might seek to appropriate them in our lives. The preaching of the Word is of primary importance in the service.

           2.  Our music follows a “hymnic” structure both those with historical familiarity as well as those which are newer to the heart and mind. We do not bow to terms like “conservative”, “contemporary”, etc. but seek to have music that is biblical, theological, and aesthetically pleasing. We sing both historical and modern writers testing each piece against both spirit and truth. Music, by itself, is not worship, since true worship is found in the mind’s renewal and the living out of truth (Rom. 12:1-2), but it is a verbal and heartfelt confession of our worship. Music reinforces biblical and theological truth, it is useful for committing Scripture to our minds, it encourages the saints in their faith, and fosters holy meditation and contemplation.

           3.  Our services are family integrated, which simply means we encourage family units to sit together, with family members of all ages present singing together and receiving the Word together. Modern churches are doing a great disservice to the Covenant home by breaking THE assembly into different little, age-determined “churches” on Sunday morning. Our families get the same substance in our services. This is expected to foster conversation of spiritual topics, in the home during the week, to assist the husband-father as he leads his home in family worship, and to discipline young children in the area of self-control as they learn to both participate and to sit and quietly listen. This is not the usual approach in most modern churches and it does take time and persistence on the part of parents, but we have found that it works and is effective. We enjoy the sweet interactions of all age groups with one another, from the very young children to the most senior of the saints. We do provide a “nursery” accommodation for mothers with nursing infants and for the toddlers in training.

          4. We strive for a deep, encouraging, and reverent experience were God is glorified, Christ is exalted, and the saints have their faith both encouraged my mutual fellowship as well as hedged in by the exposure of the truth of the Scripture.