Prayer is integral element of our worship. We begin and end each service with prayer, before the preaching of the Word, and when we are taking the Lord's Supper, we pray. We have also dedicated the Early Study Hour of every first Sunday of the month for a time of public prayer. Here we are able to share our requests and present our selves to God, as a body, to His mercies and abundant grace.

We also hold a high view of the Scripture. So, please bring your Bible. We will expound the sermon directly from its words. But don't fear, if you don't have one, we have Bibles available as you walk in the front doors or in the pews. We also encourage that you take notes, so that you might review and study more deeply, the content that is expounded during the sermons and lectures. Mapping the sermon content in your notes will provide a way to test the content preached as well as give you contextual commentary on the Scripture. All our sermons are expositional. That means we preach messages out of connected portions of Scripture rather than a compilation of multiple singles texts which is also known as topical preaching. Most of the preaching will be through particular books of the Bible or block portions of text. . We seek to know the substance of the words recorded so that we might seek to appropriate them in our lives. The preaching of the Word is of primary importance in our worship service.

When singing to the Lord, our music follows a hymnic structure. We use a hymn book, and, at times, use printed sheets of music. We sing both historical and newer hymns that are biblical, theological, and pleasing to our Lord. Music by itself is not worship. True worship is found in the mind’s renewal and the living out of truth (Rom. 12:1-2). Singing to the Lord is a verbal and heartfelt confession of our worship of God. Music reinforces biblical and theological truth. And it is useful for committing Scripture to our minds, encouraging the saints in their faith, and to hep foster holy meditation and contemplation.

Our families worship together. We are a family-integrated church. We encourage family units, of all ages, to sit together so they may worship the Lord together. This builds the family bond of worship, fosters spiritual conversations in the home in between services, assists the husband-father as he leads his home in family worship, and helps to discipline young children in the area of self-control as they learn to both participate in singing to God and to sit quietly as they listen to the preaching of the Word. Parents are encouraged to actively and attentively instruct their children in the ways of self-discipline. Children should be learning to sit still, to do their activities quietly and respectfully. As a church we enjoy the sweet interactions of all age groups with one another. We do, however, provide a nursery room to accommodate mothers with nursing infants and for the parents of toddlers in training to retreat to if needed.

Each Lord's Day, we strive for a deep, encouraging, and reverent time where God is glorified, Christ is exalted, and the saints have their faith encouraged by mutual fellowship, prayer, and faithful preaching of the Word of God.

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